About us

image Lotos Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops innovative pharmaceutical brand products exclusively from natural, raw materials of the highest quality, using unique production technologies based on the latest researches in the world. Lotos Pharma success is shaped by human, natural and technology symbiosis.


What makes Lotos Pharma products so effective and marketable?


The Lotos Pharma team consists of the most prominent professionals in their field, combining forces, ideas, experience and knowledge to create only products of the most excellent quality.


Every product of Lotos Pharma is developed in collaboration with the leading Baltic medical professionals, researchers and scientists in order to create products that meet the highest requirements so they are safe for everyone - both children and adults - and developed in accordance with the needs of the human body.



To inspire a society in healthy lifestyle and welfare and create natural products (remedies) for everyone’s health and wellness.


To be a leader in the development and production of such natural products which form a healthy society.*

*A healthy society is a society that lives according to the principles of a healthy lifestyle and preventively cares for health.


Lotos Pharma success is closely linked to our attitude towards the customer, traditions and innovation as a creative process, as well as in accordance with the company’s values and reputation.

Lotos Pharma values are woven into each of the company’s fibre. These values result in our every thought, idea, decision and action.


Lotos Pharma brand values include::


Trust in natural values – our enthusiasm and belief in the forces of nature and the effect on the human health inspires us to excellence in everything we do.


Growth – both in a team and individually, we do not stop at the achieved and continue to steadily improve every thing and process which we face daily.


Collaboration – in every communication we are open to collaboration, in order to build together a cohesive and healthy society.


Daring – use our team’s wisdom, experience and knowledge to overcome the traditional standards and create unique products that meet excellence.


Respect – we respect fairness, dignity and compassion for the customer and the society, as well as between ourselves - in every life situation, every moment.